Kate, seen here taking part in the family tradition of examining some Bad Special Effects.

Kate "The Brigadier's daughter" Stewart is currently in charge of UNIT and was played by Beverley Cressman. This error was fixed and Jemma Redgrave would later take on the role. Kate is known for saying "science leads" and paying no attention to her completely incompetent military.

She is also an astounding bridge player.

Character Edit

Kate Stewart is the daughter of Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, a fact which the show likes to treat as her only characteristic. When she isn't parroting famous quotes of his, she's making awful tactical decisions, driving to a foreign and potentially dangerous location with no backup and ignoring perfect opportunities to kill the Mattress. Like father, like daughter.

Like her pet, Kate has a Zygon duplicate, the whereabouts of whom are unknown. Although given her family's track record, we probably know the answer.

Trivia Edit


Malcolm really went up in the world after Kate took over.

Kate takes good care of Cyberbrig who occasionally flies her overseas, as she wouldn't dare travel by plane again.

The fact she was first introduced in a BBV film is the immortal battle cry of the seven cucks who still remember BBV.