Keith Boak

Lookin high af.

Keith Boak is a shitty director that completely ruined Aliens Of London and World War Three. It could have been a completely solid episode directed by anyone else. He also abused people and was another reason that led to the decision of Eccleston dropping out early. Eccleston and Keith Boak got into an argument on set in which Eccleston yelled "AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHITE"

Here is a full transcript of what happened

Chris: Ayy
Chris: Fix this damn show, I am the savior of Doctor Who
Keith becomes Satan
Satan straps Chris into a chair and forces him to watch Aliens Of London/World War Three
Chris uses his messiah powers and bursts out
He uses his turbo voice to yell "AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHITE"
Keith dies
the end
written by Anon age 8

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