Kino - noun, plural: kinos.

1.The highest tier of artistry in motion pictures. Kino is above all the other categories (joints, flicks, movies, film, cinema.)


Patricians only.


Capaldi kino.


At the local kinoplex.

Kino Cap 1
Kino Cap 2
Solo Cinema Guide

Kino can only be enjoyed by patricians. Plebeians are not ready for kino as they cannot decipher the subtle sociological themes & masterfully-executed yet intentionally-mistransmitted messages contained within. The psychological depth of kino flies right over lesser minds undetected.

Legacy Edit

Such motion pictures are eternally poignant, forever relevant and steeped in an innate understanding of the world which they exude unto their audience like a blessing from heaven.

Kinographers Edit

Whereas joints, flicks, and movies are made by lesser directors to appeal to a broad range of the general public, kino is made exclusively by free-thinking visionaries for an audience with a true passion and understanding of filmmaking.

Kino application Edit

Kino can also apply to other timeless works of high art across other mediums including TV, books, comics and music. But not games because as we all know vidya isn't art.

Types of KinoEdit

Anon experiences kino Edit

>go to my local kinema
>purchase my mandatory Amex™ "Amex-tra large" tub of popcorn and two gallon Mountain Dew™ Xbox One™, thus gaining access to cool new extras such as Call of Duty™ Zombie Mode avatars
>get in the penis inspection line
>no sweat, my penis report is spotless, I always pass by slipping the inspector a rolled up 50 under my foreskin
>they usually recommend that I go through the jewification process but my foreskin is a family heirloom so I always politely decline
>realize I forgot to take out cash, panic
>all I have on me are a bunch of quarters and my grandfather's lucky WW2 silver dollar
>fuck it, really want to see the movie, manage to cram the coins under my foreskin just before the searchlight shines on me
>finally get to penis inspection, the head of my dick looks like a chipmunk's cheek
>mandatory foreskin rollback
>coins explode everywhere
>"Sir, what's this?"
>F-for you
>"Not the quarters, this?"
>A s-silver dollar sir.
>"Sir, you know we only accept fiat currency."
>he rings the communist alert and I'm escorted to the bad goy room
>they make me sing God Bless The Federal Reserve twice with my foreskin pulled all the way back, luckily I don't mess up
>since I pay my foreskin tax on time every month I get out of it with only a foreskin warning and the usual jewification speech, but they deducted 3 points from my good goy license for the silver dollar which does suck
>finally get to the theater, kind of angry because I missed all the commercials
>nobody seems to have been shot yet which is weird
>"ladies, gentlemen and all non-binaries, in honor of the recent terrorist attacks, our designated shooters will only be firing blanks"
>"we apologize for the inconvenience and will be presenting an extra fifteen minutes of racial awareness videos during the Amex™ "Cut Your Interest Rates In Half" Halftime Show"
I couldn't really hear the movie because my wife's black sons kept yelling at each other but I think it was all right