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Christopher "Kit" Magnus Howard Pedler, MD, PhD was the science advisor for the BBC's hard-SF series Doctor Who. He is best known for co-creating the Cybermen, along with script editor Gerry Davis.


Kit Pedler was a medical researcher, and then became a well respected science writer covering the biological sciences. So, when showrunner Innes Lloyd was worried that the physics and astronomy on Doctor Who was getting pretty bad for a show that had originally been pitched as "educational", the obvious choice was to bring in a specialist in biology to help.

Among Pedler's educational ideas is that Earth could have a twin planet that, after billions of years of stable orbit, suddenly shot out of the solar system, which lowered its surface temperature by almost 20 degrees, and which was destined to return to its original place. Science!

Pedler, meanwhile, was obsessed with the fact that humanity's increasing reliance on technology could only lead to one end: by the year 2000, we'd all be putting ourselves in robot bodies and computerising away our emotions. He managed to convince script editor Gerry Davis that This Could Happen to Us if Davis didn't let him write a story that actually sounds a lot like Spare Parts. But Davis decided it would be cooler to have a slightly more advanced version of humanity who'd already gone through that process and were now invading Earth. And thus were the Cybermen born.

When this didn't save humanity, Pedler and Davis left Doctor Who to create Doomwatch, a show about all the different ways technology can and will go wrong and destroy the world in the near future. Oh wait that's Black Mirror.

When Davis and Terry Nation tried to take over Doctor Who in 1979 to save humanity from the even more terrifying danger of JNT, Pedler was part of their cabal. even though he was retired and ill by this point. When Davis and Nation tried again in 1989, Pedler did not join, giving the excuse that he'd been dead for 8 years.

Unfortunately for Pedler, he never got to see humanity ignoring his warnings and everything coming to pass. Yes, JNT ruined Doctor Who, then we were attacked by rats who became superintelligent escaping our traps and so on, but once we upgraded ourselves, and learned that his fear was a weakness which could be easily deleted, we can see that everything is excellent.

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So, five Cybermen stories and one evil computer story.