The only decent Sixth Doctor story out there.

LEGO Dimensions is a marketing scam video game which is canon, GOAT and trending at 81% Davison approval.

It features a crossover with 13th different franchises, none of which are EastEnders, TAKE THAT DIMENSIONS FANS.

Unfortunately, Lego's aren't anatomically correct, meaning one of the key aspects of The Doctor, his Timedick, is painfully absent.

The game was just too awesome for TARDIS Data core to handle, leading to them viewing it as an invalid source because it was unclear which character pulled a cocking lever. While they're at it they might as well name any story where a character drinks some tea as invalid because it's unclear how many sugars they had in it.

List of other franchises: Edit

  • A fictional universe that's comprised of comic books for children that often try to reach maximum edge levels.
  • A family movie that will brainwash all your kids into being Dirty Pinko Commies
  • A franchise that's main contribution to society is a bunch of fuckwits who think they're really clever for pointing out why they didn't use the eagles.
  • A film that features someone that needs a brain and someone that needs a heart.
  • A show that should have ended ages ago (no not that one).
  • Two shows people give less of a shit about than Ian Levine's Shada.
  • A film hailed as a family classic despite the incest plot.
  • A film hailed as a family classic despite the Ghost blowjob scene.
  • Two video games that are an eternal sources of cancer memes.
  • The same as that but with an arcade full of them.
  • A show with better mystery plots than Sherlock.
  • The fourth instalment of a film franchise that's a repugnant, sexist piece of shit (I guess I could have also linked that to the SJW page).

At some stupid game conference they announced even more franchises to bankrupt any family who could still afford running water. The franchises revealed were:

There are also plans to include all of fiction ever, thus allowing LEGO to drive all the world's governments to bankrupcy and set up a LEGO superstate. I for one welcome our overlords.

Reception Edit

It's pretty damn great and has a lot of love, effort and detail put into it. It's certainly the best Doctor Who video game ever made. Though only if you ignore the genius that is Doctor Who Top Trumps.

On the other hand the line 'Lying is a human emotion' is one of the worst lines ever uttered in fiction, even in a franchise as repugnant as Doctor Who, and the game tends to crash if you do more than take 20 steps forward in the span of 20 minutes.

Sadly cancelled. We can only hope for a successor with the Thirteenth Doctor, to complete the meme.