Lady Cassandra - Moisturize

Ooooh yeah, she loves it when you get her wet.


That's all that was left of her, by the end... luckily, someone had a jar handy.

Moisturise him

Last known photograph.

Lady Cassandra, also known as Bitchy Trampoline, is (according to the pegging page) 'something weird that rich people do'. Just like pegging Cassandra has a strong connection to female dicks. Not only when 'she was a little boy' but also when she possessed The Doctorate and Fish and Chips. This along with her possessions of Rose Tetanus and a disgusting diseased barely human creature whose very existence was pure agony were mainly used as a device to heightened the kink diversity in infamous Doctor Who porn parody New Earth. Other examples of forced diversity include the inclusion of Transspeciesm, transageism and a society where gay sex is the only option. This just goes to show Rustle my Davies is an infamous Sensitive Joss Whedon and that the editors Doctor Who General have no attention span and will go off-topic as much as it pleases.

Fate Edit

Cassandra later went back in time and told her younger self that she "would totally have sex with you, both my character and the real me." They then fucked each other so hard that it tore the time vortex apart. This will never happen to you.


  • lol she was a ladyboi
  • Worse, she was an American
  • RTD based her heavily on Nicole Kidman, a quality she shares with fellow person-turned-barely-animate-object Compassion.
  • She somehow had teeth despite lacking a skull.

The Moral(s) Edit

  1. If you ever had faith in this wiki it is now lost as they have now made a page more retarded and perverted than the non-Serious Jacuzzi Cat side of Tumblr.
  2. Don't make pages when tired and watching A Christmas Carol.
  3. Don't make pages just because a better page has a red link in it.

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