Lance Parkin is Gary Russell's non-evil twin.

While Gary was the official continuity advisor for Doctor Who, Lance was the unofficial continuity advisor for fandom, writing The Doctor Who Chronology, A History of the Universe, and the three subsequent versions all named AHistory. Instead of just ruling on what is and isn't canon and forcing it all to fit together and pretending there are no contradictions, AHistory treats everything as canon (even things like the Faction Paradox and Iris Wildthyme intentionally-out-of-canon spinoffs), goes out of its way to list all the contradictions, and treats fanwank as a fun game.

While Gary writes novels and audios where every line is an obscure continuity reference for no good reason, leaving no room for things like characters or plot, Lance writes novels and audios where obscure continuity references are used as a jumping-off point for interesting character stories or plots, which are usually pretty fun.

Lance wrote The Dying Days, the last of the Virgin New Adventures with the Doctor, which was also the first Eighth Doctor story (since the TV movie obviously isn't canon), and also The Gallifrey Chronicles, the last of the Eighth Doctor Adventures, which was also the last Eighth Doctor story (since obviously everything after Zagreus isn't canon, especially The Night of the Doctor). He created the Doctor's wife Patience and the Doctor's daughter Miranda, plus most of the interesting stuff about the ancient Time Lords that didn't come from Marc Platt, plus Doctor Who novelist Mark Clapham.

In between writing Doctor Who stuff, Lance worked with Gareth Roberts and Rebecca Levene as a story editor for Emmerdale, in preparation for Doctor Who returning to TV in soap opera form.

Lance is also known for being a nice guy, who can be friends with Mad Larry and the Moff at the same time.