Torturing the Doctor’s little friends wasn’t enough. Building an army to take control of the universe wasn’t enough. Teasing the Doctor with his human wife wasn’t enough. He wanted more, he needed more. Behind those old, shrunken eyes, he wanted to see that flare of fire again, he wanted to extinguish it… no, no that’s not right. Not extinguish, the fire in him was gone now and the Master felt no pleasure from it. No, he… wanted to control the flame, master it (oh the irony).
Not Enough, by Thy-Demon,

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Basically what happened.

The Master I Can't Decide01:02

The Master I Can't Decide

Daily reminder that this really happened.


Actual dialogue.

Last of the Showrunners

Last of the showruiners.

The Doctor Is Literally Jesus

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." ~ David Tennant, in a press statement before the episode's broadcast.

Lust of the Time Lords is a slash fiction lemon written by Robots of Death and Julie Gardner. In it, Martha is seperated from the Doctor so that he's left alone with the Master and Cap'n Jack, and some really queer stuff happens as a result. No, not queer as in gay (though that happens too), queer as in... really strange.


Well, when last we... you see, it starts with... the first thing that happens...

Fuck it, we all know why we're really here.

I'll be honest, I fucking hated the last 15 minutes of this episode with a passion. It was awesome to learn that Martha was on a pilgrimage across earth, and that the Toclafane were human (but their original inception was so much darker and would have worked so much better), but Jesus Christ those last 15 minutes. Why did the Doctor shrink? How does that make any sense? Why did he become god again? Geez Rusty I know you want to outdo yourself but good god if you can't write yourself out of a corner don't write yourself into a corner and then just unwrite the corner from existence. And don't even get me started on the tumblr-ite ending where the Master becomes this "beautiful" being that the Doctor just wants to love on. What garbage.


Ironically, given the heavy use of jesus imagery, Last of the Time Lords has been widely accepted by the global community as proof that there is no god.

Anyways 2/10. Officially worse than Journey's End (no matter what the rest of /who/ says), but officially better than Dimensions in Time. At least, that's what some people say, as for me... I can't decide.

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