Leela (played by Louise Jameson) was a purple-haired chick from the year 3000 with one eyecompanion to the Fourth Doctor from 1977-1978. Famed for her skimpy costume and tendency to kill every motherfucker in the room, she eventually left the Doctor to live on Gallifrey. Presumably now dead of Time War.

Appearances Edit

Showed up in The Face of Evil and stayed until she met some guy on Gallifrey in The Invasion of Time. Returned for Dimensions in Time.

She's also in pretty much every Big Finish audio series except the main Doctor Who line.

Trivia Edit

Leela was a member of the Sevateem Tribe until she was exiled for heresy (and killing everyone with Janis thorns.)

Leela's murderous nature made her an extra-based companion (much like Ace and Captain Jack in later years) because this allowed the Doctor to retain the moral high ground and not get his hands dirty while she got down to business slitting motherfucker's throats.

Appeared in the First Golden Age.

In the VNAs, after the Sisterhood of Karn listed the Curse of Pythia so she could get laid, she fucked Andred so hard it broke time and she gave birth to The Other.

Lives on in The Fourth Doctor Adventures, and has the GOATEST character theme ever made.

She has this ass, man...

Gallery Edit

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