You've got a time machine, I've got a gun. What the hell, The BBC Presents Steven Moffat's Let's Kill Hitler In I-Max 3D
Jesus Christ, really?

Oh god we're in lets kill hitler



River Dong in Let's Heil Hitler.

Lets Kill Hilter Promo

Who would've thought that, despite having his name in the title, Hitler ended up being a somewhat unimportant side-character in this episode?

Let's Heil Hitler is Moffat's finest episode yet. A groundbreaking Series 6 story where the Eleventh Doctor and his companions swear undying loyalty to Adolf Hitler and lend a hand during World War 2 by exterminating juden.

Plot Edit

SPOILERS: They don't kill Hitler. Rory punches him in the face though, so that was great.

There is much debate over where this story fits into the canon of Timewyrm: Exodus.

A pretty cool guy Edit

Reminder that Hitler did nothing wrong (except for that whole 'invade Russia' thing).

Trivia Edit

Why is footface wearing a shitty green coat in this one?

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