"I want to cover her in butter and eat corn from her arsehole"

Lily Roberts is the second companion in the goat Doctor Who Fan Film series. She was best friends with Jessica Whitehouse before her death, so much that she moved into he house as soon as she died. Unlike Jess, she actually has human needs making her a much more goat character.

Popularity Within The Community Edit

When asked /who/ stated that Jess was "shit" and "not Jess". However when put to a poll the community was put into a perfect split. Anyone with half a brain would be able to tell that Lily is the perfect character, unlike Jess who is just a stupid whore. FUCK YOU JESS FANS

Mistakes into Miracles Edit

During a behind the scenes episode Luke Newman stated his regret over the character, wishing he had simply been able to use Jess. However, Jess is just a stupid whore meanwhile Lily is a perfect flower with human emotions and human needs.


There are people who actually like Jessica?

Best Girl? Edit

Lily is arguably the best girl not only in Doctor Who Fan Film, but in Doctor Who as a whole. Beating out characters such as Ace and Donna. Her competition within her own enclosed universe however, is barely existent only being in Jessica "stupid goth whore" Whitehouse who is so ugly and dumb that she gets lost walking from one side of her house to the other. Jessica "can't act for shit" Whitehouse also has the awful tendency to smile at the end of everyline, as if she knew she was in an autistic shitfest. Lily is perfect, she's beautiful, smart and an amazing actress who doesn't smile when she things the Doctor is dead.

The Terrible Truth Edit

As a YouTube comment from Newman on his behind-the-scenes video for Series 2 revealed:

The companion from the first half of series 2 was at the time my girlfriend, however we did break up a while ago and dont keep in touch, she didn't like the series and wanted me to stop i very much doubt she'll ever be back! :P
Ultimately, no matter what one thinks of Lily, it is a cold hard fact that she has well and truly fucked offerinsky. Forever.

Quotes Edit


The perfect woman

"Wait! I need to go to the bathroom"

"I have human needs. Take me now man-meat!"

"Fick off

doctor, ya old cunt"

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