Lisa Bowerman is an actress famous for playing the qt paramedic on Casualty and, more recently, the older but still qt lawyer chick on Coronation Street. She's also one of BBC Radio's go-to actors for radio plays.

To Doctor Who fandom, she's much more famous for playing Bernice Summerfield in a shit-ton of audios that only six people have heard, and for one publicity photo dressed as Benny that's on half the Virgin novels, and also for playing Ace's friend Karra in Survival and doing a cameo in The Five(ish) Doctors.

This makes her completely different from Alex Kingston, who most of the world knows for playing the ER chick on ER, but Doctor Who fandom knows for playing a dodgy archeologist who slept with the Doctor, because Alex was not in The Five(ish) Doctors.

Also, unlike Alex, but like her character Benny, Lisa is a goddess of inebriation. Next time you have a few drinks (or this time, since you're probably drunk if you're reading this wiki), think of Lisa and you'll be a happy drunk instead of a sicky drunk.

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