Liv, the tr8r.

Clit Chunky is an ear companion to the Eighth Doctor in the Dark Eyes and Doom Coalition sagas. A medical person who just wants to help people, she's basically the futuristic, non-Irish equivalent of Molly O'Sullivan (as well as her eventual replacement).

Story Edit

She first felt the power of the McCock in a sequel story to The Robots of Death, because Big Finish must absolutely make a sequel to every TV story ever; just you wait until you hear their sequel to The Awakening.

Anyways, she then met the Doctor in his Eighth incarnation when she was under Dalek enslavement/employment/both, healing the wounded slaves in the mineshafts so they could perform their tasks more efficiently. The slaves refer to her as The Traitor for technically aiding the Daleks' plans, a nickname which she doesn't give two shits about because all she's concerned about is doing a good job, dammit. But yeah, Eight turns up and tries putting a stop to the Daleks' plans, but then decides to let them get on with it when a mysterious alien force enters the universe. Liv decides to start throwing stones from her glass house by claiming the Doctor betrayed the human race, before escaping on a cargo ship.

She then met Eight in his past and got pissy over what he hadn't done yet, but then Molly says "You need to lerrn to trust the Dahktrr, he probably had a very good reason for doing what he did, lassie", to which Liv agrees and then ends up travelling with Eight for years on end. Apologies for being brief at this point, I'm only up to Dark Eyes 2 so far.

Trivia Edit

  • Because Dark Eyes 2 hadn't come out by the time The Night of the Doctor was released, Eight doesn't mention Liv or Helen in his monologue of companions. This therefore proves that everything after the first Dark Eyes box set isn't canon.
  • Apparently, during her meeting with Seven, the TARDIS "really liked Liv".
  • She was dying of radiation poisoning but then wasn't, or something.
  • I can't be the only one who thought Liv was Indian because of the filter on that picture, and her last name sounding kind of foreign, right?

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