Liz Shaw

Based Liz.

Liz Quits

Liz's departure.

Liz Shaw

Liz smiling after running over Danny Splink.

Liz Shaw (played by Caroline John) was a badass smart woman and a companion to the Third Doctor. Inferno haircut was best haircut.

They axed her when they realised she was too smart and wasn't asking the Doctor enough questions.

Appearances Edit

Liz first appeared in Spearhead from Space and left after Inferno. Returned for cameos in The Five Doctors and Dimensions In Time.

Departure Edit

Tragically, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw had to leave UNIT when she was assigned to take part in the Prometheus expedition to discover the roots of mankind. There, she was impregnated with an alien fetus by an android, and then went on further adventures with the android's head.

Life Story Edit

So you wanna know about Liz Shaw, huh? Alright.

Bring the beat boys.

So I was a woman in UNIT in front of the Brig

cause I was already cool, but wanted to go big

he told me they dealt with weird crap from outer space

At first I couldn't believe he could keep a straight face

Then he introduced me to a cat with a two hearts

and, let me tell ya, he had all the smarts

Doc tried to leave with his blue TARDIS

But he couldn't, and he took it as a diss

Next thing I knew, it was gettin' crazy

Dolls was waking up, and man's fate was lookin' kinda hazy

But danger and death ain't never ever fazed me

So the Doc and me turned 'em back to plastic babies

And then we fought old lizards, alien astronauts, and evil Brig too

Damn, I can't even remember all the crap we've been through

But one day, I just had to go

The reason? Only my homie the Doc will ever know

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