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Sir Lucas Newman, OBE is an English fan film writer and professional NNNNEEERRRRRRD, best known for his work as showrunner and producer of the critically acclaimed Doctor Who FanFilms. Newman has been officially recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as being the world's first octuple threat: Newman serves in many different capacities in his esteemed Fan Films series, namely: writer, director, executive producer, prop designer, set caterer, script editor, in-house chef, sound editor (just kidding, they don't actually have one of those), and lead actor. Newman has won several awards for his Doctor Who Fan Films, including an Emmy, five BAFTA Awards and four Hugo Awards.


Hard Life Edit

It is well known that Newman's canon backstory is woefully tragic and full of hardships and loss. Newman has suffered many a troubles while producing his dream series. During the filming for Series 2, Newman's beloved guinea pig took ill, reportedly catching a deadly dose of cringe from its owner. The guinea pig was immediately rushed to the hospital and given experimental surgery to remove the life-threatening tumor. The surgery was a success and the guinea pig was given a clean bill of health, alleviating Newman's worries. But then it ended up dying anyway a couple months later. Bravo Moffat. Alongside this traumatic event, Newman also had a health scare and believed he could possibly only have a few months to live. The doctors then assured him that virginity isn't actually fatal and recommended that he calm the fuck down and stop being so lame. Not even a month later, Newman learned that his dear Nan had passed away. Please leave an "F" in the comments to pay your respects, don't be an asshole.
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Despite all these traumatic events and hardships, Newman pushed on, claiming that the Fan Films were everything to him and that he would make his dreams come true no matter how difficult they were to achieve. Newman's inspirational tale warmed the cold hearts of /who/ and he eventually came to be known as an esteemed and beloved figure in the eyes of Doctor Who General.