Madame Kovarian


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She's a big guy.

Madame Kovarian (originally known as Eye Patch Lady, arrrrr!) was an epic meme who hung out with The Silence. She kidnapped Amy and turned River Schlong into a deadly assassin to kill the Eleventh Doctor.

Story Edit

After watching the Siege of Trenzalore drag on for fucking centuries Kovarian got fed up and decided to travel back in time and engineer a perfect psychopath to kill the Doctor so she could get back to Baneposting on 4chan. Unfortunately for her The Power of Love was just too powerful.

Appearances Edit

Appeared in Day of the Moon, The Curse of the Black Spot, The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People and Closing Time but was mostly featured in A Good Man Goes to War and The Wedding of River Song. Also appearing in Big Finish.

Death Edit

Kovarian was brutally murdered by Amy Pond in an alternate timeline. Watching this gave Rory a boner.

Trivia Edit

Kovarian was once in lesbians with Tasha Lem, according to Moffat.

Is Bane's mother.

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