The Main Range is Big Finish's main line of Doctor Who related ear stories, and it was also the first.

Contents Edit

It 99.9999999% consists of the continued adventures of the Celery, the Pie and the Ace Rapist. The terrible trio, the useless one, tits, screamer and Fenrics porn pawn all reprise their roles from the TV show alongside their respective Doctors, not to mention a few new companions join in the orgy.

Everyone's favourite non-canon Canned McGann was also once a part of this range, as he traveled around the universe (and the divergent one) with Charley and a lizard. However, once those two characters fucked off, he left to be in his own range(s), although he does make the occasional fleeting return here and there. Four has his own range, as do the War and Tenth Doctors.

Still, poor Fivey, Sixie and Manlet. They're not special enough to get their own ranges.

Notable releases in this range. Edit



There are, like, 50 billion releases in this range so there's no way I'm gonna list 'em all, but here are a few that stick out at fan favourites (or just... notable ones):

Link Edit

You wanna buy 'em or search for more because you're sick of how shittily the TV show has been written recently and you're looking for a good story elsewhere? Look no further!

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