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Let's hope Doctor Who writing crew could give Maisie something to work with to deliver GOAT acting (For example, a wall)

Maisie Williams selfie

Publicity Photo released by Maisie's agency.

Maisie Williams red carpet

At the red carpet premiere of Game of Thrones.

Jesus christ what a hideous baby

Maisie's first credited screen role.

Maisie Williams is a young aspiring British actress, and the reason /who/ threads will eventually be banned.

She is famous for playing stab-happy (her sister gets raped and one of her brothers is last seen with Anne Frank so it seems to run in family) teenager in award-winning shark-jumping medieval fantasy show Game of Thrones and for appearing as Ashildr in Doctor Who and Me in Clara & Me.

Also for her unusual features (politically correct code for "being rather plain").

Background Edit

She also starred in movie Cyberbully in which she was cyberbullied, and in another movie called The Falling in which she was repeatedly falling (Also, banged her brother because this is what happens when you are raised by a single parent in the Sixties).

She is scheduled to appear in series 9 of Doctor Who in capacity unknown. Since she is too young to play Rani or Romana, she is most certainly playing returning Jackson Lake, Victorian schoolteacher who is led to believe he is The Doctor due to malfunctioning Cybermen technologies.

The Face of Ashildr

The truth revealed.

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