Because the thing is, it's like my friend Vicky.
— Martha Jones




No, honey, not at the camera...

Martha meets the Hath

Typical alien shitlords, touching a proud black womyn's hair without asking permission.

Doctor Who - Series 3 Trailer 1

Doctor Who - Series 3 Trailer 1

I battle with my textbooks

Doctor Who - Series 3 Trailer 2

Doctor Who - Series 3 Trailer 2

I need a guy who's smart

Doctor Martha "Indiana" Jones MD (that's medicinae doctor/muh dick) aka "The Delicious Blackamoor Lady" was a companion of the Tenth Doctor played by Gordon Freeman.

Story Edit

Teninch was too busy crying about MUH ROSE to notice Martha badly needed dicking. The fact that the dicking did not occur may also point to the possibilities that the Doctor is blind, a eunuch, or racist. She eventually got bored and left the TARDIS but returned to lez out with Donna Noble and be awkwardly shoehorned together with Ricky Shit.

Family Edit

Her family was fucking awful, an escalation of the Jackie Tyler dynamic that would result in the disastrous Noble family.

Appearances Edit

Martha is introduced in Smith and Jones and first leaves at the end of Series 3 after saving the world from the Mattress, leaving Ten free to enjoy Donna's Nobles.

Martha returns for a few stories in Series 4 and manages to get herself cloned by Sontarans and gets freaky with a fish. She shows up again for the big Journey's End finale and another quick send-off in The End of Time.

Trivia Edit

Martha is best known for disbelieving everything, reminiscing about her friend Vicky, her huge round ass (which /who/ would happily smash; what is it with the Tenth Doctor and only getting big-bottomed girls?), and her delightfully crooked teeth. She's also the only NuWho companion to have not appeared in a Christmas special; I like to think the wicked RTD showed mercy and spared her the horror.

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