Matt Smith acting ability

Hideous, rubber-faced parody of humanity.

Wang Time

The Talons of Wang Chiang.


Curiously, he has the same expression when he's taking pictures of his wang.


Matt's best episode.

Badger Smith

He was never NOT a badger. Seriously, watch for them and you'll see them. But don't blink!

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When the script sucks shit but y'all wanna please Steven.

Le Fezzler (1982-2018) was a British pornhub watcher who played the Eleventh Doctor. At 12 years old he was the youngest Doctor ever in his debut episode The Eleventh Hour.

Smith characterizes Eleven as someone with “a lot of blood on his hands" who copes via "constant travelling and thrill-seeking" no doubt referring to his timedick's escapades. He died on March 26, 2018.

Career Edit

Smith left Doctor Who so he could focus on his attempts to make it big in Hollywood. Except he forgot he's a shitty actor and his footface isn't pretty enough to get by. Lost River bombed and its looking like Terminator Genisyth is going to bomb. Update: It did. Matt was probably the best thing in it, pity he was only in it for ten seconds.

Smith can currently be seen on the streets of Hollywood begging for money to fuel his cocaine addiction. Should've heeded the Three Seasons Curse. Oh well. Look at his muscles.

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After three weeks of 'auditions' (aka. hardcore bondage) Moffat announced that it had "always been Matt" and proposed. They were married in a quiet ceremony together with Moffat's life partner Mark Gatiss.

"The Doctor is a very special part, and it takes a very special actor to play him. You need to be old and young at the same time, a boffin and an action hero, a cheeky schoolboy and the wise old man of the universe. As soon as Matt walked through the door and blew me, we knew we had our man." - Executive producer Steven Moffat on Smith's casting.


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