Just work a little bit of magic my way, Doctor.

Flight 4U


Upset Danny

Danny Splink shortly before being killed by meme magic.


Chib Chib McNips, the showruiner /who/ deserves.

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"Fuck off, Alan, I run this bitch."
~Grant Morrison, victor of the Last War in Albion.


Was it Moffat?



It has often been said that life imitates art. Meme magic, also known as Chaos Magic, is basically the modern day equivalent, but rather than just foreshadowing or predicting the future, meme magic takes things one step further by manifesting memes into reality. This usually results in horrific IRL disasters and much laughter from 4chan.

Flight 4U-9525 Edit

The greatest example of meme magic to date is undoubtedly when /tv/ manifested Baneposting into reality and managed to crash a plane carrying 150 passengers into the French alps with no survivors. The pilot was later confirmed to be a crazed Baneposter when the black box was discovered to be filled with nothing but Vocaroo recordings of Bane impersonations. "GRASHING DIS BLAYNE...... WITH NO SHURVIVORSH!" Aviation authorities remain mystified.

Danny Splink Edit

Meme magic also had a part to play in the death of Danny Splink. Thanks to an enterprising /who/ anon the SPLINK meme was created back in March 2014 and meme magic was able to manifest itself into the Series 8 scripts as SPLINK grew more and more popular. This ultimately resulted in the tragic hilarious death of Clara's boyfriend Danny Splink in Dark Water from failing to SPLINK.

/who/ wiki Edit

The /who/ wiki itself has demonstrated a powerful meme magic capability. So far it is has manifested into reality the non-canonicity of Series 11 by refusing to have a page for it (predicted in 2014, revealed to be true in 2016) and is also responsible for Chibby Nips replacing Moffat as showruiner.

As /who/ wiki's power and influence grows, it is expected our meme magic will become vastly more terrifying and dangerous.

It's gonna be goat.