Michael "You didn't make the" Grade.

Michael Grade

Smug Mode.

My son is gone

>tfw Michael Grade is not dead >tfw Colin's son is >tfw Colin himself could be dead before Grade

Yep that is michael grade

In fact you could say he was fabulous.

Michael Grade was a MOSSAD agent who joined BBC Television in 1984 as Controller of BBC One and saw to it that Doctor Who was SHUT DOWN like the Gaza Strip.

Background Edit

Responsible for the 1985 hiatus and The Lost Season (and The Lost Season 2, partly), as well as the firing of the Pie Overlord. He is widely known for his county traits and overall hard (boing) nature.

Over the years, Grade has shamelessly played up to his Z-list celebrity status as an IRL Doctor Who villain because let's face it, why the fuck else would anyone remember some boring-arse BBC controller from the mid-80's?

Today Edit

Michael Grade did nothing wrong, yet he continues to live the life of a free man even today, seemingly immune from prosecution.

Trivia Edit

  • Somehow killing Who meant that he got given a Lordship.
  • He states he likes NuWho because it's shinier.
  • Michael Grade also decided to give his two cents on Bake Off getting raped moving to Channel 4: “I’d like to understand from Channel 4 how they can justify spending £25 million (a year) on a show that’s already very successful somewhere else, when their statutory remit is to be different and innovative.” This is literally the only time we have observed intelligence from the specimen known as Michael Grade (We will never forgive you).
  • When he dies they'll probably have to bury him in an anonymous plot just to keep Doctor Who Fandom from pissing dancing on his grave.

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