Mickey looking hard

>tfw no pizza

Ricky and martha

Birds of a feather.


All's hell that ends well or whatever

Mickey Teeth

Pickey gets his teeth knocked out.

Ricky "The Idiot" Smiff was cucked by Wose Tylah when she abandoned his black ass so she could tongue the Ninth Doctor's balls.

It's thought that introducing a black character who is promptly cuckolded by the BWC was a brave and daring subversion of racial stereotypes by Russell T. Jimmies.

He was treated like dog shit by literally everyone for no reason. Poor Nicky.

Character Edit

His greatest achievement was getting FUCKING REKT by a wheelie bin. He then became the based (and extra shiny) Auton Mickey, best known for his catchphrase "PUH PUH PUH PIZZA."

Unfortunately Auton Mickey was mistaken for a sex toy by Captain Jack Harkness and melted from all the rape.

Times when Dickey was treated like shit Edit

  • 9 doesn't care that he was most likely dead in Rose.
  • Rose tells him "Thanks for Nothing" and runs off with 9.
  • Jackie and Police think he kidnapped or murdered Rose while she was gone for a year.
  • Rose doesn't care what happened to him while she was gone.
  • Rose: He's not my boyfriend, Mickey. He's better than that. He's much more important than.
  • 9 constantly calls him Rickey to piss him off.
  • 9 calls him Mickey The Idiot.
  • Rose runs off after Picky yells a her for treating him like shit in Boom Town.
  • Rose says there's nothing left for her on Earth in front of him when she wants to save the Doctor in The Parting of the Ways.
  • Rose sounds annoyed at him asking to travel with them in School Reunion and is told to wait in the car with the dog.
  • In Journey's End when Jack appears in the screen with Mary Jane, his sister and Mickey, a surprised Rose only points out Jack and Jackie, leaving Ten to point out that Mickey is there (though Sarah gets completely ignored until Davros recognises her, so technically they were being bitch hoes to Sarah more).

He grows some balls around the time of "Army of Ghosts" / "Doomsday" and starts getting treated with marginally more respect. Even after Mickey touches the Genesis Ark and releases all the Daleks like a fucking retard, The Doctor responds by kissing him on the forehead instead of calling him an idiot.

Appearances Edit

Mickey shows up in Rose and appears sporadically throughout the RTD era. Last seen in The End of Time.

Trivia Edit

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