Never give Americans anything Doctor Who related. For fuck's sake.
— Clement Atlee

Sure, Gwen, make the black guy stand. Can't you see he's bleeding?


So if everybody's supposed to be alive and conscious forever, why is that guy dead in the background?


"We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today, we celebrate our Miracle Day!"
~Actual dialogue

San Pedro Overflow Camp

>death camps
>with ovens
>set up by Obama
>to ease the healthcare burden
>because of two gay guys


Miracle Day is a 10 part Starz documentary about how gay marriage will make Obama set up death panels. It stars a pedophile, a man-whore, some welsh people, and a bunch of annoying americans. Miracle Day manages the almost impossible feat of being actually worse than Torchwood. And it suffers from the usual symptoms of Americanized Doctor Who.

One might describe Miracle Day as JJ Abrams style mystery thriller having a head-on collision with RTD's style of storytelling with predictable amount of survivors.


Pedophiles are magic. Vaginas are stupid and will give you super powers if you fill them with blood. Immortality is actually a binary switch situation, and can be passed with a blood transfusion. The gay probably can be too. Also, the bit on the airplane (no) with the CIA agent (NO) was really good, no matter what anyone tells you.

As par the course with shitty American series, Miracle day relies on luring it's fans with a bait of cheese it can never reach, which gives it zero rewatch value. Absolutely nothing of consequence happens until the last two episodes, where the writers realize they haven't made any progress whatsoever and jam pack the revelations and resolution into the last half of the final episode. Turns out the Miracle was caused by a big crack connecting two ends of a meridian line between South America and China, and dropping some blood inside it stopped it, and Oswald had nothing to do with anything. You could watch episode 1 and 10 without missing much of anything, I wish it were an exaggeration.

Also, RTD's obsession with bizarre names continues:


Miracle Day debuted to great praise due to its interesting (and almost quintessentially Davies) premise, its trans-atlantic co-production status, and the high quality of its predecessor. People GOT HYPE. They did not STAY HYPE. The edge and the grimdark swiftly began to overcome the qualities people enjoyed in it, and RTD's heartless abandonment of the show's writing duties lead to a completely absent story arc, resulting in the climax of the story basically just being a sub-plot in the ongoing disaster of the series. Miracle Day killed Torchwood forever, erased Davies from Doctor Who, and served to prop up the somewhat spotty series 6 by comparison.

Still, Jane Espenson seemed like the only writer on the staff with her head on straight, so maybe we can get her for Doctor Who. What's that? She's an American? Nevermind, take her away.

Contribution to the DEEPEST LOREEdit

Basically nothing. Jack references the Silurians and Racnoss before admitting they probably want nothing to do with this either. And, for maximum lulz, the Doctor's tragic and infamous death, a fixed point in time, takes place during the Miracle. Man, the Silence are really off their game.

There's also the reveal that the Earth has a big vagina running through it. And you thought the moon being an egg was stupid!

One thing the series does reveal about the Lore, however, is the true nature of The Three Families.