Narwhal Bacon George Dawes from the Upper Floors is a British bald fatass Stan Marsh some kind of cyborg created by Steven Moffat and is played by Matt Lucas in Series 9 and 10 of Doctor Glue. He is also The Watcher and the upcoming Thirteenth Doctor and also The Rani.

Appearances Edit

Nardole first showed up in the 2015 Christmas special The Bedding of River Song and becomes a companion of the Twelfth Doc (played by PCaps).

Alien Edit

He is notable for being the first full-time alien companion of NuWho and the first in the series in over 30 years. The last one before him was Turbo.

Music Career Edit

Nardole was also the drummer on the last two records of the world famous band Doctor and The Whos. During the recording of their last record The Doctor Falls, Nardole simultaneously began recording a solo record entitled Nardole Who?, unbeknownst to his bandmates.

Trivia Edit

Nardole is a past incarnation of Morrissey

He is known to be a total badass.


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