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Neil "the Chocolate Bandit" Gaiman is the vastly-overrated writer of the Doctor Xenu episodes The Doctor's White and Nightmare In River and the novella "Nothing O'Clock", the last of which eclipsed many a televised story in quality. Married to Michelle Gomez, possibly.

Trivia Edit

Shadowy beard man Alan Moore has something to do with his starting off as a professional writer.

Neil has been wearing the same leather coat since the mid '80s, not even taking it off to shower or make love with his hordes of goth-y fangirls. Especially not that last one.

He has a fiendish desire for chocolate, a hunger that has no limits and will not stop till all cocoa based confectionery is his.

His name sounds a little bit like "Nail gay men". Or "kneel, gay men".

In spite of his justly earned "Gothic Fairy-Tale Reputation", Gaiman, in a twist of hilarious irony, had enough respect for Doctor Who to be the only one on Moffat's writing team to not use Moffat's stupid fairy-tale format (though he kind of used a bit of fairy-tale in Nightmare in Silver) and just treat it largely as a proper speculative fiction. Too bad he only wrote two scripts and only one of them was good. Some maintain this was a case of Moffat intentionally sabotaging his second script, born from much the same insecurity that saw him not rehire Simon Nye after Amy's Choice ; recognition of his superiority as a writer.

Gaiman in SongEdit

Well, I used to stand for something

But forgot what that could be

There's a lot of me inside you

Maybe you're afraid to see

Well, I used to stand for something

Now I'm on my hands and knees

Turning in my god for this one

And he signs his name with a capital G