Nev Founain
Nev BF

You know how when you see pictures of Nicola Bryant in her late 50s you say "I still would"? Nev Fountain isn't just talk.

He's also a Big Finish writer.


Everything he writes is ridiculously complicated. When he's doing funny, that's part of the joke, and it works brilliantly. When he isn't, well, sometimes he pulls it off, but sometimes…

He writes for Peri a lot, which means he mostly writes for the Pie Lord, but occasionally for Blondie, even though Scarfie and Webster are his favorite Doctors. 


Nev got his start on Dead Ringers, which you probably know as that show where a guy calls up former Doctor actors and does his Fourth Doctor impression at them, but they actually had a few other sketches over their many years on radio and TV besides those four.

He finally got his chance to work on Doctor Who, but unfortunately it was for Death Comes to Time. Undaunted, he kept trying, and got Big Finish to hire him.

He also writes for a bunch of Big Finish's other ranges, and he has a series of comedy-mystery novels about Mervyn Stone, and Big Finish is now doing Mervyn Stone audios too. And, together with Tom Jamieson from Dead Ringers, he still writes for sketch comedy stuff, and they've done some things of their own, like Elephants to Catch Eels.


  • Death Comes to Time (as script editor): Failed to destroy the Doctor Who franchise, but not for lack of trying.
  • Omega: Fivel solo in sort of a parody of Arc of Infinity but at the same time a serious sequel to it. GOAT.
  • The Kingmaker: Fivers, Boobs, and The Egyptian Lover in a ridiculously OTT zany historical (well, it's a pseudohistorical, but only because of Shakespeare and that one robot who doesn't really do anything) that's one of the funniest things in the history of Doctor Who. SHEEP.
  • Peri and the Piscon Paradox: A Fifth of Beethoven, Six of One, and Mrs. Brian Blessed in a story that retcons away the end of Mindwarp in as many ways as possible at the same time. Would have been fun as a full-cast audio, but it was a Companion Chronicles for no good reason, which made it a lot less fun. Especially since they have one of the two Doctors but not the other. Why?
  • Trouble in Paradise: Sixsixsix and Pert. Part of that AudioGO Destiny of the Doctor thing, halfway between an audio book and a Companion Chronicles. Haven't heard it.
  • The Revolution: Mini Me and Benji kick off the New New New Adventures series that merge the Benny NAs into the Seven post-NAs. Good fun, but should have gone either more or less OTT.
  • The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time: Pies and The Accent in a short story that I haven't heard.
  • The Widow's Assassin: Sixie and Guess Which Companion That Nev's Sleeping With He Wrote About This Time: A full-cast followup to Piscon that's nowhere near as good, because it takes itself more seriously.
  • The Lady in the Lake: An installment in the Cadbury Dairy Milk of River Dong.
  • By the time you read this, probably a new one featuring his girlfriend and one of her two Doctors, most likely the one whose tits are bigger than Peri's.
  • Some comics.
  • Some Short Trips.

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