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Brick Niggs is a Dalek and Briggs Finish's executive producer.

NuWho Edit

Briggs has done voices for several NuWho monsters, notably the Daleks and the Cybermen. He also voiced the Nestene Consciousness in the 2005 episode Rose, the Jagrafess in The Long Game, the Judoon and the Ice Warrior Skaldak in Cold War. He also does a Ninth Doctor impression in the Ninth Doctor Chronicles, and plays literally every background character in the audios if they only have like one line.

Briggs Finish Edit

Before The Wilderness Years had even started (but after Saward had already ruined the show forever), writer Briggs, producer Bill "BBV" Baggs, and writer/producer Gary "Punchable Child Actor" Russell started AudioVisuals. Briggs and Russell wrote a bunch of unlicensed Doctor Who audio stories about the Briggs Doctor. Who Briggs also played, because they couldn't find anyone else who sounded like the Briggs Doctor for some reason.

Briggs later worked with BBV and Reeltime, writing a bunch of stuff that's totally not Doctor Who except that it obviously is.

He eventually took over Big Finish in 2006 from Russell (who'd been producer since 1999).

Good audios Briggs has written:

Trivia Edit

Had cameos in An Adventure in Space and Time, Children of Earth, and The Five(ish) Doctors.

He loves Death to the Daleks, so much that he made a sequel.

The Briggs Doctor is totally canon, because he appeared in one comic while Russell was in charge of DWM.

Briggs Finish: We Love Money