Nightmare Child

The Nightmare Child with Davros.

Nightmare Child

The Time War: not even once.

Nightmare Child + Davros


Nightmare Child Strikes Back

Certain Death.

Nightmare Child Returns

The Nightmare Child (aka. Courtney Woods) was born during the Last Great Time War, the daughter of Adolf Hitler and Strax.

Story Edit

Davros' command ship flew into the jaws of the Nightmare Child during the first year of the war at the Gates of Elysium (see pic.)

Rassilon's plan to return Gallifrey to the universe would have led to the Nightmare Child (in addition to the Skaro Degradations, what remained of the Dalek Empire, the Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres led by the Could've Been King and the Horde of Travesties) being pulled out of the Time War and into reality. The Tenth Doctor severed the link created by the Time Lords and stopped them escaping the War, sending them all "back to hell" along with The Mattress.

It later transpired that the Mattress was a bit shitty about this so he returned as Missy Poppins to marry the Doctor and have his revenge.

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