Nobody NoOne

Nobody likes cosplaying as Ten, and no one is really good at it.


No-one on set today.

Nobody (also known as No-one) is nothing more suspicious than that; the absence of a person. You have my word.

With that in mind, wouldn't it be funny if we made a big list of things that are true about nobody/no-one? Don't worry if you don't feel like adding another bullet point; no-one's going to force you to click Edit. As long as you're just messing about on this Internet page, nobody can make you do anything.

  • Nobody knows the access codes to the BBC vault.
  • No-one knows the location of Marco Polo.
  • Nobody saw the final resting place of Marcelo Camargo's life raft.
  • While his first and last names have been leaked at various times, no-one knows the Doctor's middle name.
  • No-one could have saved Adric.
  • Nobody would actually try and use a random fan wiki to their own malicious ends.
  • No-one knows where you go after being erased by Moffat.
  • No-one has the power to unseat Moffat from his bloody throne.
  • Nobody will live to see the day when Shearman writes his next audio.
  • No-one was knocking at the door in Listen.
  • Nobody is reading this.
  • Nobody can tell it's not butter
  • Nobody really likes the /who/nger games
  • Nobody knows when Winds of Winter will come out
  • Nobody can get a redditor off a high horse
  • No-one is enjoying the list so far.
  • Nobody actually likes the Paradigm Dalek designs.
  • Nobody can write a Big Finish story that isn't about pocket realities.
  • No-one will cry when you die.
  • No-one laughs at Russell Howard's jokes.
  • No-one's at the window.
  • Nobody thinks Tennant is the best Dr. Who.
  • Nobody can prevent the catharsis of spurious morality.
  • No-one can destroy ALL living matter.
  • Nobody pays attention to /who/'s opinions.
  • No-one would willingly share a room with Lawrence Miles for more than 5 minutes.
  • No-one has caused the Doctor to really, properly be kill.
  • Nobody was REKT by Evelyn Smythe. → DELET THIS
  • No-one knows how to escape a dead textual universe.
  • Nobody understands our stupid memes.
  • Nobody can mend people.
  • No-one was with Paul McGann in his basement.
  • Nobody actually likes LukeWho.
  • Nobody has listened to all of Big Finish's output.
  • No-one has seen The Feast of Steven since it first aired.
  • Nobody seriously hopes that Gatiss is the next showrunner.
  • No-one's body is ready for the sex storm.
  • Nobody wanted River Song to come back and ruin Christmas.
  • Nobody saw the cliffhanger from Heaven Sent coming.
  • Nobody thought that Kill the Moon was an anti-abortion rant.
  • No-one loves, has ever loved, or will ever love Nu-Who.
  • No-one spams the hashtag.
  • Nobody is capable of spying on Series 11 filming.
  • Nobody understands the plot of Campaign.
  • No-one nose the true identity of the Curator.
  • Nobody will inherit Big Finish when Briggs dies.
  • No-one liked Hell Bent.
  • No-one is coming.