Both of the Doctor's two noses can clearly be seen in this scene. But two knows? Who.. nose?


Can you pick which facial feature is your nose? Right you are, Einstein!

A nose is a facial feature that humans, Time Lords and many other alien races share. 

Trivia Edit

The Doctor has almost always been both portrayed and described as having a nose below his eyes and above his mouth, for a total of two. 

The Doctor’s nemesis, The Mattress, has often controlled people with his powers of hyp-noses.

The Doctor's Noses Edit

The Doctor’s noses have been played by a number of actors over the years, listed below to help keep yours from getting out of joint when you’re trying to pick whose nose was Who’s.

  • The First Nose (William Hartnose)
  • The Second Nose (Patrick Snouton)
  • The Third Nose (Jon Pertchoo)
  • The Fourth Nose (Tom Beaker)
  • The Fifth Nose (Peter Nasalson)
  • The Sixth Nose (Colinose Baker)
  • The Seventh Nose (Sinuster McCoy)
  • The Eighth Nose (Paul McHandkerchief)
  • The War Nose (John Honk)
  • The Ninth Nose (Histopher Eccelsnort)
  • The Tenth Nose (David Tennose)
  • The Eleventh Nose (Matt Sniff)
  • The Twelfth Nose (Peter Capostrils)
  • The Thirteenth Nose (Bogey Whittaker)