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NuWho (aka. New Who) refers to the 2005 rebirth/sequel of the horrible programme Doctor Who beginning with Series 1. It spelled the end of The Wilderness Years which began back when Classic Who was cancelled in 1989.

Story Edit

The show was regenerated for some unholy reason by Wrestle The Demons and more or less picks up where Classic Who and the TV Movie left off. Except instead of the Eighth Doctor we now have a Ninth, played by Christ Ecclescakes.

Reception Edit

It was of course a supremely bad move to revive the show because Doctor Who is shit, and I say that as a fan. However the show continues to this day in spite of my impotent rage. Clearly Moffat Chibbers is to blame.

Michael Grade has stated he adores it though due to its improved production values and flying Daleks, because he's a pea-brained nitpicking fucktard who's too easily distracted by wobbly sets to appreciate the good goddamn storytelling that was wasn't in Classic Who. He obviously adores the mentally stimulating works of Michael Bay too.

Showruiners Edit

NuWho, like Classic Who, is divided under the reign of multiple showruiners who all ruined the show in their own special ways:

Showruiner Year tenure First story Last story Shit they did wrong
Slick Willy 2005 - 2010 Rose The End of Time Reviving Doctor Who.
Cheeky Chops 2010 - 2017 The Eleventh Hour Moffat's final episode

/Capaldi's last episode

Continuing Doctor Who.
Chib Chib McNips 2018 - 2018 TBA TBA Getting Doctor Who cancelled.

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