Nyssa of Traken was played by Sarah Sutton from 1981 - 1983. She first appears in The Kipper of Traken when the Mattress kills her parents as a joke.

Biography Edit

The Doctor and Adric could not prevent the Master from killing Nyssa's stepmother. They were also unable to stop the Master from killing her father Tremas (by transferring his essence into Tremas' body) which left Nyssa orphaned in her young adulthood.


Character Edit

They say the companion is supposed to act as an effective audience surrogate, however Nyssa went above and beyond in this aspect; after all, she constantly fell asleep during the soul-drainingly boring episodes like Four to Doomsday and Time-Flight to represent the feelings of the viewers at home.

Departure Edit

She travelled with the Fourth and Fifth Doctors until Terminus when she stays behind to help build a hospital or some shit.

The Doctor is moved by this noble gesture and parts saying that he thinks she is very brave - Nyssa's deep affection for the Doctor is demonstrated at this point when she kisses the Doctor goodbye.

Fivey confirmed for having smoked dat ass.

Relationship with Peter Edit

David Peterson has gone on the record saying that Nyssa was his favourite companion, if you know what I mean.

These days the duo regularly make porn together.

Gallery Edit

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