Obverse Books

The closest thing you'll ever get to more EDA books, Obverse Books is a treasure trove of novellas and short stories about your favorite non-canon Doctor Who characters. Niche even compared to other sources for Doctor Who shit, with expensive-ass books and writers who aren't allowed to write for Big Finish.

Titles Edit

  • Faction Paradox - Look, you already know the drill. Voodoo, killing your ancestors, etc. Publishing usually shifts from releasing a novel to releasing short story collections. One story focuses on the annoying black girl from the Sarah Jane Adventures pilot, if that's your fancy. Just don't expect Larry to come back to write another book. He burnt out on writing ages back and has no idea what Obverse even is. Probably gave them the license for a single lego.
  • Iris Wildthyme - Crazy Ms. Frizzle, except not played by Katy Manning because these aren't earstories. Unlike Faction, her original creator shows up to write and edit.
  • City of the Saved - Spinoff of Faction Paradox, about the toils that go in living in Heaven. Pretty fucking good, and makes you wonder why Purser-Hallard isn't seen as among the GOAT authors.
  • Senor 105 - Spinoff of Iris Wildthyme. In a better world, this would be the best known Doctor Who property with eight movies starring Danny Trejo. But this is not that world.
  • Black Archive - Long-ass essays about Doctor Who stories. Made purely to rustle Sandifer's jimmies.
  • Skaldenland - Jim Mortimore's first non tie-in novel. Haven't read it, but I'm sure it's weird as shit.
  • Shenanigans: Gay Men Mess with Genre - Paul Magrs subtly reminding us that he might fancy men.
  • Sexton Blake - Working-class Sherlock Holmes that nobody under the age of 40 knows. It's like getting the license to make more AJ Raffles or Fu Manchu books. Not sure what overlap there is between hipster Doctor Who fans and fans of long-forgotten literary detectives.