Feels Ood Man

DOOOD! You gotta try this primo shit! It's like all of time and space are like... exploding in... your mind goes all wibbley-wobbly and... yeah. Wait... what?


The Ood demonstrate their Song of Beauty: Darood - Sandstorm

The OoOooood are an alien species with telepathic abilities from the long-suffering programme Doctor NeoWho where they mostly live in the distant future (circa 42nd century) unless they show up sitting on your loo some day - becoming a "Lood."

Background Edit

Canon History Edit

Whilst the Ewd initially appear as a controlled slave race who repeatedly become hostile (funny how all slaves do this), time went by and they were ruined like the Weeping Angels, later being shown as a naturally peaceful race; by The End of Time they were even ridiculously shown as having progressed to becoming an advanced civilization. The Doctor usually fails to save an Ood out of flat-out racism and often tells his friends racist Ood jokes that go over the heads of companions who've never seen any RTD episodes. Example: " What’s the difference between an Ood and a car tire? The tire doesn’t sing when you put it chains! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! HA-HA-HA-HA! THEY DON'T SING! Oh my god, that still gets me!" (TV: Listen)

The Ood are humanoid except for their creepy coleoid (whatever the fuck that shit means) tentacle pussy-faces which Amy nevertheless found "exciting"... several times. The Ood are a telepathic race, yet for some dumb reason still need "translation sphere" (also known as "translation balls", ha ha) to communicate with non-telepathic creatures, that flashes when they speak - just like Daleks! This sphere is connected to the Ood via a tube that originally connected their external brains to their anus, meaning they had shit for brains. Slavers physically removed these "hind brains" to plug the inflatable translator sphere tube into where their butts used to be; the Doctor did this once or twice to other races as well. There appears to be no gender differentiation among the Ood which suited the Doctor just fine, though the Doctor seems to be able to determine their gender, not that he gave a fuck, "if it's creepy, fuck it." (TV: Cold War) The Ood insist they require no names or titles because they die so fucking quickly. For being connected to a hive mind, they're often kind of stupid. The Ood are empaths, and when reaching out with their telepathic fields, it can be heard as deep, prolonged farting, making the Slitheen look restrained by comparison, but hugely entertaining for Rusty.

Off The Rails Edit

The Ood Abides

Hey man, the Ood abides.

In a DVD extra/ "webisode" (christ), Albert Einstein was brought to the TARDIS and "wacky"-ccidentally turned into an Ood by using his experimental liquid as mustache wax. Yes, this script was written by children.

The Eleventh Doctor once had multiple Ood on his TARDIS for sex slaves but when they received upgrades to their communicators, they stopped "serving" the Doctor, Amy, and Rory and began playing "turd-throwing games" while trolling the Doctor on Twitter about his eleventh incarnation not being as good as his tenth. Yes, this was in a comic book.

There was also that one time Jack hired a bunch of dancing Ood to have sex with his future self for his 69 trillionth birthday. Yes, this was in that stupid LEGO game.

You can see why this sort of crap isn't canon.


Reception Edit

Basically just the Monoids crossed with the Sensorites but they're probably one of the few memorable nuwho monsters.

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