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Rose Tyler Illustrates Padding

Rose Tyler illustrates Padding.


>mfw padding

Padding is the attempt to draw out a story's length by increasingly filling it with useless garbage. Less scrupulous attempts at padding may include leaving extraneous pauses, pans, and cuts in, holding establishing shots longer than they need to be held, filling space with repetitive dialogue, scenes that contribute nothing to the story or character development, using a larger font size and bigger images to write a wiki article, or filling out episodes with nothing but Capture and Escape sequences.Edit

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Padding is the signature style of the classic series, but the modern series still harbors traces of it. Padding is a tradition, like sexual molestation.Edit

Padding is also known as Filler, if you're a weeaboo.Edit

However, it's worth pointing out that padding is always crap, while filler can have some good content such as "character moments," even if they don't noticeably serve to move the story along. Edit

Example: Most of the Key To Time Wasting was padding, while the landmine in Genesis Of The Daleks was filler. Edit

Padding is an example of bad pacing.Edit

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