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Moustache Troughton

Patrick George Troughton (/ˈtraʊtən/, 25 March 1920 – 28 March 1987) was an English actor best known for his role as the The Best Doctor in the reality TV series Proctologist Who which he played from 1966 to 1969.

Pat Who Edit

Pat returned for plenty of multi-Doctor hi-jinks in The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and The Two Doctors.

Pat is also renowned for inventing The Doctor's Three Seasons Curse.

Regeneration Edit

Buffers replaced Billy 'The Kid' Hartnell as the Doctor in the story The Tenth Planet in the first-ever onscreen regeneration. Although back then they called it a renewal, not a regeneration - the word regeneration didn't come into it until the Third Doctor changed into the Fourth.

Death Edit

On 27 March 1987, two days after his 67th birthday, Buffers suffered a heart attack at a US Doctor Who convention. Too many hoverhands. (Although legend has it he shuffled off this mortal coil while still inside a plucky young female fan. She has not yet come forward.)

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