Paul "The Holy Virgin" Cornell is a writer best known for his contributions to Doctor Who.

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In addition to a few televised stories he's also responsible for a bunch of books, comics and audios. Plus he invented the companion Bernice Summerfield.

Also wrote the super-canon animated webcast story Scream of the Shalka.

Cowrote The Discontinuity Guide, which is what every modern Who website wants to be but they're all afraid of being not taken seriously and/or sued for libel.

When Steven Moffat took over Doctor Who and created Sherlock, Cornell went to write for Elementary.

Trivia Edit


The face of just-ice.

Came up with a few of the Doctor's aliases including The Oncoming Storm and Time's Champion (both appeared in the VNA Love and War, the same book he implies the Seventh Doctor deliberately murdered the Sixth Doctor in.)

Every one of his stories has owls in. This is a metaphor for something that nobody has figured out in the intervening decades, but I'm sure it's deep.

Founder of the eponymous University.

Enjoys soy milk.

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I'm also very pleased that, through accident or design, a lot of the recurring images of my work appear in the TV version. Owls can be heard in the distance, and were first indicated in Russell's polish of the script. (There's also a lovely brush with an owl design on it in Smith's study, though you don't see it.)
— Paul Cornell, from Adapting the Novel [Human Nature] for the Screen