Paul's the scruffy bespectacled guy, not the cat (though that would be awesome).

Paul Magrs is an eccentric writer who first emerged during the Wilderness Years, then went on to create several Ostentatiously Obscure spinoff properties. He's like Lawrence Miles, only somewhat pleasant.

His works, which are known for high levels of camp and trippy imagery, include:


So's this.

Magrs is also the guy who finally managed to bring Tom Baker back to the role (his first performance since 1981 was in AudioGo's Hornet's Nest), whereupon he teamed him up with Mike Yates and gave him a housekeeper. His style can best be summed up as "No, honestly, this isn't as stupid as it sounds..."

Apparently he was RTD's favorite EU writer, which explains a lot.

He was also a member of Bernice's archaeology team in Love and War and discovered some sort of ruin. That's right, Paul Magrs is Canon.

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