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>tfw no Eighth Doctor miniseries

Star Wars Battlefront Paul McGann

Paul McGann was the first Doctor to be in a Star Wars production unless you count Peter Cushing in the first movie and David Tennant in Clone Wars but just his luck: He's not canon there either.

McGanna shit down a chimney

McGann looks like he's tired of only doing audios (even if they are GOAT) and just wants to make a proper on-screen appearance as sexy Eight again.

The Eighth Doctor Paul McGann

The Eighth Doctor Paul McGann

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Dreamboat who played the Eighth Doctor in a one-shot movie-length story made in 1996 by the Fox Network to revive the show on American television, which failed.

His next onscreen appearance as The Doctor (but probably not the one you were expecting) was in 2013's The Night of the Doctor.

Based-ment Edit

McGann later sank so low as to filming episodes he wrote, directed and costumed in his own basement, before Moffat offered him one last chance at fame in an online-only eight minute film, lol!

You can bear witness at Basement McGann.

Reception Edit

One of the GOATest Doctors with one of the GOATest TARDIS interiors. Great hair (although he hated the wig), great audios, great novels, everything about him makes any man or woman cream. If only his movie had been good...

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