Phil Ford

Phil Ford is a Britfag television writer who has written for Doctor Who, Touchwood and the The Nancy Drew Adventures.

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Not much is known about him other than he's the only writer other than RTD to write for all three shows. And he co-wrote Waters of Mars. BRAVO FORD.

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After RTD started slacking off because he was too lazy to manage being the main writer, producer, and publicist for three major shows at the same time, Phil took over as unofficial showruiner for the kiddie one, and eventually got the title of "head writer", meaning that he gave head to Gareth Roberts, Joseph Lidster, and Clayton Hickman while they wrote the episodes.

After CBBC unfairly canceled the show just because the star had died mid-series, Phil created Russell T Davies' Wizards vs Aliens by Russell T Davies, which was basically a re-cast version of the same show, where Clyde is Harry Potter, Sarah Jane is the senile witch from Bewitched, and K9 is a goblin played by Strax. They even reused the unfilmed SJA series 5 and 6 scripts.

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