Polly (aka. Polly Wright) was played by Anneke Wills from 1966 to 1967.

Background Edit

She was a companion to the First and Second Doctors alongside Ben Jackson. Brought in to replace the ailing Dodo.

Character Edit

Secretary to some fourth wall-breaking super computer, Polly stumbled onboard the TARDIS along with Ben as an unwilling traveler. Curiously, the two of them were rather blasé about possibly never getting back to their own time again, probably because the BBC execs told the production team "look, we've just come off of two old farts constantly whinging about wanting to go home, we don't need another pair of assistants to continue that trend alright?". And so, they only really mentioned the prospect of going home like once or twice.

Polly spent most of her time on the show screaming at Cybermen, before being comforted by Troughtfish and told to put the kettle on.

Appearances Edit

Like Ben, Polly appeared in 9 stories (36 episodes) but the only story featuring her which is currently complete in the BBC archive is her first, The War Machines. She fucked off together with Ben in The Faceless Ones.

Trivia Edit

As a wise anon on /who/ once reminded us, Ben and Polly are the real victims of the missing episodes.

Reminder that the BBC are absolute Nazis for their treatment of Ben, Polly, Trousers, and Doctor Who in general.

After leaving the TARDIS, she and Ben ended up getting married and running an orphanage in India (or not, depending on whichever form of non-canon spin off media you get a boner from).

She will return in Twice Upon A Time, holding up Fake Billy's wanking hand. She was replaced by Barbie.

Gallery Edit

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