Porn Colin Rises

Porn Colin comin' atcha.

Porn Colin Titles TARDIS

Best title sequence.

Porn Colin Jenna

Jenna gets in on the action.

Porn Colin Sylvester

Sylvester knows his porn.

Smallfat + Porn Colin

Recommended by Moffat.

Porn Colin Shake

Resistance is futile.

Porn Colin Heart

I Heart Porn Colin.

Electric Porn Colin

No More.

Porn Colin Wink


Porn Colin Disco

Then they discover they're stuck in a recursion and can't get out

Porn Colin is Colin Baker's real name.

Story Edit

After retiring from his 70's porn career Porn Colin changed his name to "Baker" to suit the more family-friendly demographic of Doctor Who (and to annoy Tom Baker).

The origin of Porn Colin00:44

The origin of Porn Colin.

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