Yellow Fever

An unmade story from 1985. Apparently Holmes original title "Death to the Slant-Eyed Plague" was rejected.

No Coloureds

Sophie Aldred visits the BBC Television Centre

What the fuck Reddit

Deep analysis of Doctor Who by a nationalist Redditor. It's like pottery. The best/worst part is that RTD allegedly really meant for his Daleks to symbolize Zionists (but he wouldn't have the Cybermen be Muslims because that's "racist"), so there is some truth to this faggotry.

Racism is a bad thing done by SHITLORDS. According to the Doctor, Racism is a thing that Daleks do. It has something to do with sugar.

A History of RacismEdit

Racism was invented by African people who sold slaves to Europeans in the 1800s. Actually, there's more truth in that than this venue deserves; look into dehumanization sometime, it's really interesting stuff.

Racism demonstrably did not exist in England or France before this time, and it ceased to exist sometime in the mid-60s. Racism did not exist in America during the 1890s, and there's no televised evidence to assume it existed before this.

Racism on Doctor WhoEdit

The following stories are BY AND FOR SHITLORDS not Racist:

Furthermore, the following people are PRIVILEGED WHITEY SHITLORD FUCKS not Racist:

Anything not on this list is essentially fair game.

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