Don't even blink.

Raston Warrior Robot

Beheading some Cyberfriends.


Fuck this I'm out.

Pepsiman d by animalbear-da8c3jn

The redesign for the inevitable NuWho resurrection.

Rasuton no Shirogane Kamen is a sentai hero who appeared on Doctor Who in the Fifth Doctor story The Five Doctors. It's possible that "ra-su-to-n" is an attempted transliteration of "Rassilon".


The Raston Warrior Robot, the most powerful soldier ever devised, is incapable of hearing the Doctor talk with his companion or notice them walking towards it from 20 feet away. It is capable of teleporting in a totally convincing manner. Aside from that, it basically just carves through Cybermen like they were plastic, or AC tubing, or something else terribly low budget like that.

Reception Edit

Pretty cool low-budget monster, fantastic arse. Bravo Tewwance.

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