Hide that shit

Literally Reddit: The Wiki Page.

Reddit is where we all need to go back to.

You can find their tragically wrong opinions on /r/DoctorWho and /r/Gallifrey.

And by popular demand, there's now /r/DoctorWhoGeneral.

Overlap Edit

Like a turd floating swiftly up from the depths, occasionally evidence will arise of /who/-Reddit crossposting. This is invariably a source of chagrin for any /who/res who didn't want to take part in a poo-dodging contest today.


And then sometimes it won't be 'evidence' so much as an entire fucking crime scene.

People who are literally Reddit Edit

Literally reddit - the guardian article

Oh how the tables have turned...

-tv- in a nutshell

Reddit's commentary on /tv/, for perspective.

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  • Me
  • Everyone on /who/
  • Chris 'Memes' Pratt