Based Eight regenerating into the Last Minute Script Change Doctor. Goodnight sweet prince ;_;

Doctors + Handy

The first regeneration cycle featuring Handy.


Peri killing Fivey.

Regeneration 7 + 8

"It's my turn."

Moffat regenerates

The Final Moffucking.

When the coke kicks in

>tfw you're going to be a gay muslim transsexual black wheelchair-bound dyslexic penguin

Eight Regeneration

Eight seems pleased.

Regeneration is what happens when you regenerate, you silly fucker.

Background Edit

Regeneration is a process that a Time Lord uses to completely renew their body following near-death such as by old age, violence, accident, or another Moffat script.  A change of personality and a change of appearance comes with most regenerations.

Cycles Edit

Each Time Lord has only 12 regenerations in his cycle, like the hours of a clock - cute huh? Some Time Lords have been rewarded with a new regeneration cycle. They are ultra corrupt though and usually give that shit to people like The Mattress. Still, the Doctor managed to get a new cycle, but only because his people were desperate. It's also the way this shitty fucking show still exists, holy shit I hate Doctor Who. I say this as a fan.

Update Edit

Because it's current year, Time Lords can now perform a Sex Change Regeneration.

Effect Edit

Unless you live in the low-budget era of Doctor Who (Classic Who), the regeneration effect is always an orangish-yellow and very very explodey.  One wonders why regenerating Time Lords don't end up naked, right?  I mean, the regenerating Eleventh Doctor fucking blew up a whole village and several Dalek ships with his regeneration, how the hell did he still have any clothes left on him afterwards?!

There are many things that regeneration cannot cure and you will die from:

Regeneration stories Edit

See Also Edit

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