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Roger Caesar Marius Bernard de Delgado Torres Castillo Roberto (holy fuck that's a lotta names, even more than Sylvester McCoy) was a Britannian actor best known as the first ever actor to play The Mattress in Doctor Who.

Master Who Edit

Rog came aboard in Jon Pertwang's era and first appeared in the 1971 adventure Terror of the Autons.

He reprised the role of the Mattress in a ton of Third Doctor stories including The Mind of EvilThe Claws of AxosColony in SpaceThe DæmonsThe Sea DevilsThe Time Monster, and Frontier in Space.

The Final Game Edit

The Master's story arc was supposed to end in The Final Game, which was planned as the final story for the Third Doctor, but the story was scrapped following Delgado's sudden death and replaced with Planet of the Spiders.

Death Edit

In 1973 at the age of 55, Rog was in Turkey shooting some shitty film with some Turks who apparently couldn't drive for fucking shit. Rog was killed (along with two Turkish film technicians) when the car he was in flew off the road and plunged into a ravine. Pertwurst often said that Delgado's death was one of the reasons he left Doctor Who.

Fucked up shit. Especially because The Final Game sounded like it was going to be fucking awesome. Apparently the Master would've died saving the Doctor's life, although there would be some ambiguity left as to what had happened. Mark Gatiss was obsessed with the idea and later wrote a Doctor Who book called Last of the Gaderene which was based around the concept. If you're interested in having a read, it'll be in the Past Doctor Adventures download pack.

Triumphant Return Edit

Despite being dead, Rog insisted on playing the Mattress once more in The Deadly Assassin.

Reception Edit

Rog was a fucking great Mattress - smooth, charming and occasionally hilarious but with a delicious undercurrent of pure evil. For some fans, no other Mattresses have yet lived up to Rog's portrayal (except likely MacQueen, but he only appears in ear stories).

Plus, dat goatee and 'stache.

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