Romana in ribos




8 and Romana I

>he hasn't seen the 8th Doctor/Romana miniseries

Romana 1 aka. Romanadvoratrelundar (played by Mary Tamm) was the sexy incarnation of Romana and definitely the best [citation needed]. Later changed into Romana 2 and 3.

Story Edit

Romana was a Time Lady from Gallifrey. The White Guardian assigns Romana to assist the Fourth Doctor during the quest for The Key to Time-Wasting. She then continues to travel with him for a season of The Fourth Doctor Adventures to help the Laan return to THE SANDS OF LIFE.

Character Edit

Romana is the classiest Dame around. Managed to not be overpowered by the performance of Tom's scarf. She was friends with K9 and helped the Fourth Doctor hunt down the Key to Time which was supposed to open the chest to the Missing episodes. The ending was anti-climactic as heck though. Either way, Romana was worthy.

Regeneration Edit

Regenerated into sexy Romana, whom Tom Baker promptly propped up and fucked on the TARDIS console.

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