Romana having stolen Four's clothes after he went raving mad in 1950s Moscow, running naked through the streets aka. An average Sunday.

The Key To Time-Holes

Tom's story ideas were always stellar.

Romana 2 Pink

Romana II: Romana Harder (played by Lalla Ward) was the sexy incarnation of Romana and definitely the best [citation needed]. She regenerated from Romana 1 after Romana 1 realized she wasn't the sexiest Romana. She later regenerated into Romana 3, twice, except then she didn't.

Story Edit

She travelled with the Fourth Doctor, K-9 and even put up with Adric for awhile. Tom Baker and Lalla were banging IRL whilst working on Doctor Who and actually got married in 1980 but the marriage only lasted 16 months. Lalla was later married to famed-fedora tipper Richard Dawkins but not anymore :(

Appearances Edit

First appeared in Destiny of the Daleks though Lalla had already been in The Armageddon Factor where Tom had taken a shine to her and gone on to demand she become the new companion. Based Tom, the man with the plan.

Character Edit

Romana was the cutest companion around and famously wore a schoolgirl outfit while on a kinky trip with Tom Baker to Paris during the story City of Death. Technically, she had no reason to hang around after The Key to Time was found, but would you kick her out if she decided to loiter around?

Oh she did love the spring autumn; all the leaves, the colours...

Departure Edit

Romana decided to stay in E-space in the story Warriors' Gate. Tom was depressed... for about 10 minutes (which is the longest he's ever been depressed for in his life) until he realised Adric was still his companion, at which point he became positively suicidal. He was dead two stories later. Bravo Adric.

After Who Edit

Lalla is still doing audios and is still the noblest of them all. Literally, she's like a President of the Time Lords. Beat that, Hillary Clinton!

As for her personal life, she went from one drunken English madman to another.